Monday, January 25, 2010

Priscilla Renea - Hung up

Candles in a room...that's the phrase of 2010. What does it mean? Well when you have a bunch of talented artists, there tends to be some jealousy and envy between them. However I feel that one candle shining brightly in a room does not dim the other candles in the room. We can all be talented and shine together. On that note, I bring to you Priscilla Renea, a young new artist who gained rose to stardom by posting videos of herself singing on YouTube. You can listen to her songs by visiting her YouTube channel here Priscilla Renea: YouTube One of my fav songs is called "Hung Up" and I wanted to share that with you today:

I loved the simplicity and realness/vulnerability of this song so much I decided to do my own rendition!

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