Monday, March 29, 2010

The FN Machine...

So, I found this interview on and though it is old (August 2007), it's new to me so I wanted to post it.  A lot of us love Lauryn Hill and have been waiting for her return to the music scene.  Lord knows the music scene has been fiening for her.  Yet people say things like, "she's too far gone" or "yeah that Marley boy done messed up her head".  I'm not sure that I wanna believe that her hiatus was due to her going crazy over his blatant indiscretions with her.  I think there's something so messed up with the machine (the industry) that it will drive the Lauryns and the Donny Hathaways and the Whitney Houstons and the Michael Jacksons to a point where they just don't want to be a part of that world anymore.  Truthfully, it makes me not really want to be famous.  I think that's why the India.arie's and Amel Larrieux's of the world do well, there is a such thing as getting too big. I'm super good on trying to be the next Beyonce.  You have to give up a lot of yourself to reach and maintain that level of stardom.  Lauryn would have been Bigger than Beyonce.  She was slated to play Lucy Liu's character in Charlie's Angels and was offered a role in the Bourne Identity, but turned it down because that's not who she wanted to be.  I admire her disinclination for what most of  us would kill for, fame, yet I have trouble understanding what'd her to stop making music altogether.  This interview shed some light on that. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

b.S'mOne Easter Egg Hunt!

Guess what time it is guys!  It's Easter time! And I'm hostng a virtual Easter Egg Hunt!  Anyone that knows me knows that I loooooove scavenger hunts, so I'm putting one on...b.S'mOne style!  To play, just follow me on Twitter @bs1m0ne and become a fan of my Facebook music page.  From there I will be posting clues to various locations in the Solternative nation including but not limited to my myspace page, my youtube channel, and of course my website.  The clues will tell you where to find the eggs and "inside" the eggs will be free download codes to my debut EP "Nothing Comes From Nowhere"!  The hunt ends at midnight on April 5th and there are only 10 eggs, one for each day till Easter.  Once the egg has been found, that download code will only be able to be used once so, if you find the egg after it's already been found, you'll have to look for another to get the free album.  If you have any questions, send me a tweet or e-mail me.  Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New joint from Stanza!

I feel him on this, it's a big jump as an artist tryna figure out whether to go all in, "balls deep" if you will, on this music thing or not. It's tough, no one is in love with the idea of the struggle, but it's a necessary evil when you wanna give people art and speak your mind to the masses. Keep doing what you do Stanza!

<a href="">One Way Ticket (Prod by DJ Toomp) by Stanza</a>

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wednesday, March 17th! Be There or be a rhombus, lol!

Come out to Cafe 290 to see INCREDIBLE Live Performances, Amazing talent, Celebrity & Industry Judges and...the Audience Gets To Vote For Winner!!!
THIS IS THE Who's Got that Vibe SEASON 18  FINALE! – THE BEST OF THE BEST FROM THE LAST 10 WEEKS. At the end of the show, cash and other prizes will be awarded to top talent.
Show starts at 9pm
$10 COVER.

Only In New York...LMAO!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We Have Now

This isn’t about you
At least that’s what I will say
And though only a part of that is true
You were definitely the impetus for this piece
No this love
I can’t call it that
Not yet

Listening to Lauryn telling me to
Tell Him
Yet I don’t know what to say
I have no Zion
And don’t get me wrong
I don’t want one either
At least
Not yet
Now I only want you and
Only you
I wished for someone who’d make the cracks feel like
And the scars like
Fly paper
And I found him

But it’s wrong
He’s right, but life’s wrong
The timing is off
Yet if you find a rose in a field while picking up pecans
Is it so wrong to take in the scent for just a moment

I needed that rose
And though everyone else would rather me wallow
In my self-emitting pool of despair
I’m tired and weary of being a victim

Love isn’t always pretty
Nor is it always timely
It just is
And what I have I don’t want to lose

Monday, March 1, 2010

T.I.’s AKOO Brand is Target of Double Standard in Advertising Criticism

CK Jeans Ad

Read Article Here
Interesting...Double standard or inappropriate marketing? I don't quite know where to stand on this one, but one things for sure, neither are appropriate for a billboard. And neither are selling jeans. I see the double standard but really T.I.? It would be one thing if it was a Sean Jean or Rocawear ad. They've already established themselves in the clothing market. This just wasn't a good look to step out on.