Friday, March 26, 2010

b.S'mOne Easter Egg Hunt!

Guess what time it is guys!  It's Easter time! And I'm hostng a virtual Easter Egg Hunt!  Anyone that knows me knows that I loooooove scavenger hunts, so I'm putting one on...b.S'mOne style!  To play, just follow me on Twitter @bs1m0ne and become a fan of my Facebook music page.  From there I will be posting clues to various locations in the Solternative nation including but not limited to my myspace page, my youtube channel, and of course my website.  The clues will tell you where to find the eggs and "inside" the eggs will be free download codes to my debut EP "Nothing Comes From Nowhere"!  The hunt ends at midnight on April 5th and there are only 10 eggs, one for each day till Easter.  Once the egg has been found, that download code will only be able to be used once so, if you find the egg after it's already been found, you'll have to look for another to get the free album.  If you have any questions, send me a tweet or e-mail me.  Happy Hunting!

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