Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We Have Now

This isn’t about you
At least that’s what I will say
And though only a part of that is true
You were definitely the impetus for this piece
No this love
I can’t call it that
Not yet

Listening to Lauryn telling me to
Tell Him
Yet I don’t know what to say
I have no Zion
And don’t get me wrong
I don’t want one either
At least
Not yet
Now I only want you and
Only you
I wished for someone who’d make the cracks feel like
And the scars like
Fly paper
And I found him

But it’s wrong
He’s right, but life’s wrong
The timing is off
Yet if you find a rose in a field while picking up pecans
Is it so wrong to take in the scent for just a moment

I needed that rose
And though everyone else would rather me wallow
In my self-emitting pool of despair
I’m tired and weary of being a victim

Love isn’t always pretty
Nor is it always timely
It just is
And what I have I don’t want to lose

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