Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Performing Tonight @ Metro Fuxon!!

Hey Solternatives!!!!!!!!  Did you miss me?  I'm sure you did, even if it was only sub-consciously lol.  Well you may or may not know that I've recently opened up a private listening lounge for indie artists and music lovers called thebsmnt.  It's kept me pretty busy and I've not been able to perform much, but I've been working on my long-awaited (by me anyway lol) album.  Well tonight, I'm taking a break from thebsmnt to perform some new tunes @ Metro Fuxon w/ SolStar!  It's free, come thru! The show is from 7-11pm @ 554 Piedmont Avenue NE Atlanta, GA 30308.  See you there!

Oh, for more info on thebsmnt click here or visit us on facebook!!!  The next event is 8/4/12!

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