Raised in the south by a Christian family, the sounds of Helen Baylor, Babbie Mason and Sandi Patti wafted through the hallways of her home throughout her childhood. Her mother, a gospel singer with a voice somewhere between Marian Anderson and Yolanda Adams, kept the spirit of music alive by singing practically nonstop.

It all started with a lullaby...
The middle of five children, b. often found herself singing made-up lullabies to lull her little sisters or older brothers to sleep. Though MTV and BET were off-limits in her East Point, GA home, classical and jazz were allowed. In these genres b. found her heart. From the standards of Frank, Billie, Ella, and Duke to the melodic droning of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, a new genre formed in b.S'mOne's young mind.

The Birth of Solternative
After tiring of singing the typical Sunday morning gospel songs and not finding a comfortable place in the Neo-soul movement, b. decided in the Summer of 2006 to embark on creating a new platform where her unique sound could thrive. Enter solternative. An eclectic mix of soul, alternative, jazz, funk, hip-hop and pop, this refreshing new genre embodied everything that b.S'mOne was about. She now sits at the helm of the Solternative revolution, working to change the way people everywhere hear and feel music.